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Creepy Halloween fun for adults at Tenby's Great Escape!

Halloween fun at Tenby's Great Escape Rooms, Pembrokeshire - The Tenby Asylum

Are you looking for the ultimate Halloween fun this October, just for grown ups?

Then it's time to ditch the kids and head for Tenby's abandoned asylum, located at Tenby's Great Escape in deepest, darkest Pembrokeshire....

The Doctor is waiting...

You're locked inside Tenby's abandoned asylum with only one hour to figure out the secret and escape the doctor's clutches....but will you manage to solve the mystery and save yourselves before the clock runs out??

In our advanced level Escape Room rated 5/5 for difficulty, you'll need to think fast, think smart and work as a team if there's any chance of you getting out of there in one piece...

Will YOU escape in time??

Be warned - this creepy Escape Room has been designed with a scare factor and more of an adult theme, so parental discretion is advised if you're thinking of involving older children.

The Tenby Asylum is designed to test experienced escape room visitors so be prepared for a challenge!

Book The Tenby Asylum this Halloween

Booking is easy but you'll need to be fast to secure your spot. Simply book now and reserve your challenge in just a few clicks.

But hurry......the Doctor is waiting....


Will you make it out in time??

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