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The Tenby Asylum is LIVE - Pembrokeshire's newest Escape Room is here!

The Doctor will see you now - The Tenby Asylum at Tenby's Great Escape Rooms

We're VERY excited to say our BRAND NEW Pembrokeshire Escape Room is now LIVE and our first teams have successfully taken on the ultimate challenge - The Tenby Asylum!

Here they are looking very relieved to have escaped the Doctor's clutches in one piece...

We aren't going to give much away as part of the thrill is uncovering The Asylum and all its secrets, but what we CAN guarantee is excitement, racing hearts and an Escape Room experience you certainly won't forget in a hurry!

Do you feel bold enough to take on The Tenby Asylum challenge?? All you need is a keen team of 2-6 people, quick wit, problem solving skills and, of course, plenty of bravery!!

It's best to leave the kids at home for this one as The Tenby Asylum has been designed and themed with a SCARE factor......but don't worry - if the kids would love to get involved, The Wizard's Lair and The Captain's Treasure Room are perfect family-friendly Escape Rooms.

So if you're ready for the ultimate thrill......the doctor will see you now!


Will you make it out in time??

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